Zombie Assault 3

#1 Online Flash Game
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Zombie Assault 3 (One of the BEST Online Shooting Games / Zombie Killing Games)
Fight off the horde in this awesome Zombie Game. Lots of Guns, a TON of Zombies and suspense that might give you a heart attack.. (Not Liable For That....)
Pick up new guns throughout the game, or buy them from the store when you got enough money from Game Play Want more awesome'r guns, hit the space bar and get premium weapons for dirt cheap. Zombie Assault 3 now has cryo grenade (cryogenic grenades) that will Freeze the zombies where the stand, or lurke.. :-p


Zombies Assault 3 is one of the biggest and best Free Online Multiplayer Zombie Games on the internet. Out of all the Zombie Flash games SAS3 is the most suspenseful and interacting. Not like the olden days where Flash Games sucked. What really takes the cake is you can play Multi-Player with REAL people around the world, as well as join a match with your friends. TIP: You can play Zombie Assault 3 is a "Zombie 2 Player" game, simply join a private match with a friend, or join multiplayer at the same time and you will often be paired up with your friends.

Zombie Assault Download. You can save the game to your computer and if you currently have a slow computer, this will speed things up because you wont have to keep your browser window open.

Save Zombie Assault 3 to your computer HERE <--Right Click (Save as..or Save Target As.. or Save Link As...)